Mid-Week Bible Study

is designed to teach the bible from Genesis to Revelation so the people of God may live more faithful and representative lives. Mid-Week Bible Study will deepen your knowledge, love and commitment to God and demonstrate how each believer is called to live out their faith each day in love and service with and to others.

Sunday School Ministry

employs multiple means to bring a sharp focus to the teachings and values of Christianity as revealed in the Word of God and the history of the church. Classes are held Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. These sessions assist our children and adults in learning and understanding Bible teachings in an exciting and fun way.

Vacation Bible School Ministry

reaches out to all people to offer summer activities. In VBS, you are invited to enjoy discussions regarding biblical themes centered on the spiritual health and well being of the people of God. Week long classes are taught by volunteers. Family participation is encouraged.

United Methodist Men Ministry

(UMM) is committed to the spiritual growth and discipleship of men. We seek to journey with men and help them model servant leadership in their personal, professional and professing lives. We equip and encourage men to seek roles in the life of the church that enhance the well-being of the entire congregation. Throughout the year, UMM continuously provides bible studies as well as church and community support.

Prayer and Praise Ministry

provides a safe place and time each week for the entire faith community to come together to seek personal prayer and to offer prayer on behalf of others. It is also a holy time set aside to give praise and thanksgiving to the awesome God we serve.

Sisters of Hannah Prayer Ministry

prayer is foundational to Women’s Ministry and is the primary means of remaining in constant communication with the Lord. When women pray, the heart of God is moved. When women pray together, there’s enough power released in heaven to have our needs met. Are you in need of a prayer partner, intercessory prayer or you may be interested in this ministry?

College Age Ministry

focuses on the intellectual, emotional and spiritual challenges and interest of students enrolled in college (ages 18-25). Our vision is to support and nurture Christ-like living during this crucial time in life.  We commit ourselves to the work of evangelism, spiritual development, fellowship, and service.

Singles Ministry

is a welcoming, nurturing ministry that encourages Christ-centered growth, service, and celebration. Together we are growing personally and spiritually, sharing God’s gifts through service, interconnecting with the larger church and celebrating life with others.

Young Adults’ Ministry

(YAM) addresses the needs of young adults for human, personal, spiritual, intellectual, and discipleship formation. The group focuses on understanding young adult development in relationship with Christ. The Young Adult’s Ministry focuses on married or single individuals ages (18 to 35).

Assimilation Ministry

provides a welcoming, nurturing, supporting, and loving environment that assists members with becoming fully integrated in our church family. Our main goals are to explore their spiritual gifts and to support members in the process of connecting from the time they enter into our fellowship until they are members of a small group community.

Brown Bag Ministry

prepares and delivers nutritious meals to the area’s hungry, the homeless, and the forgotten.  You are invited to join a compassionate group of Christian people whose aim is to be a caring touch, a provider of Christ like love to those on the streets. Come out and be blessed by the service work.  We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday mornings at 7:00a.m.

Family Relations Ministry

provides opportunities for family outings, games, relaxation, food and fun.  Family night provides an opportunity for church members and their friends to fellowship with one another on a quarterly basis. We want families to grow in the word of God

Health and Wellness Ministry

provides information about health care issues, concerns and needs that impact the community at large. We provide healthcare resources, and encourage healthy life styles among all of God’s people. If you are interested in extending the healing ministry of Jesus to the community, please join with us.  We meet on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 12:45p.m.

Mission Outreach Ministry

responds to human needs on a local and global level.  Our Christian calling requires us to put our faith into action.  As followers of Jesus, we are instructed to feed the hungry, provide clothing and shelter, and nurture our children. Volunteers only need a heart for service.  Time commitment is open to the volunteer’s schedule and desire to participate on a particular mission project.

Nursing Home Ministry

impacts the lives of the convalescent home residents. Our activities include addressing the (expressed) needs and desires of residents and staff.  We provide clothing, personal items, entertainment, visits, and phone calls. The Nursing Home Ministry meets every other month on the 4th Sunday.

Shepherds Ministry:

keeps the entire church connected by telephoning members quarterly to check on their wellbeing.  All information is confidential and shared only with the appropriate ministry or pastor. We also work closely with the church office staff to keep the membership contact information updated.

Society of St. Stephens Food Ministry:

provides food to those who are in need. We provide a compassionate hand-up as we respect the dignity of those who come to the pantry for assistance.

The Acolyte Ministry

assists in leading worship each Sunday by lighting the altar candles at the beginning of each worship and extinguishing them at the end of each worship experience.  We invite all the children and youth to participate in this ministry.

The Audio and Video Ministry

manages and operates the audio and visual media equipment each Sunday and during special events. We are passionate about enhancing worship services, and are excited about capturing those experiences. Please join us as we prepare the sanctuary and presenters with appropriate technology so that everyone can enjoy the services and special events.

The Church Anniversary Ministry

helps plan and implement the details of the church anniversary on the third Sunday of September, making the annual celebration one of the highlights of the entire year.

The Collection Stewards Ministry

is responsible for the collection of financial gifts given by members and guests each Sunday at the 8:45 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. worship service. The ministry counts and documents all funds received. This is an ongoing ministry and anyone who would like to join is welcomed

The Praise Dance Ministry

is comprised of purpose driven individuals who have been called to praise the Lord through music and dance.  The members of this ministry humbly offer themselves as living example