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Prayer for Palm Sunday: 

Dear Jesus, As You rode into Jerusalem, amidst the cheers and the accolades of the people, Your heart was still. You knew what lay ahead of You, and You chose to do Your Father’s will out of love for Him, and for us.  Forgive us for the times we also know God’s will but fail to do it out of selfishness, pride, lust, or laziness. Grant us the grace to admit our absolute need of You, the courage to surrender our weakness into Your hands, and the humility to ask You to take control of our lives, that we too might follow You to Calvary and the triumph of Your Resurrection.  

 In the Name of Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. 


Prayer of Repentance

Father God, we pray and ask You to forgive us for all our sins, iniquities, trespasses, transgressions, sins of commission, sins of omission, unknown sins or hidden sins. Forgive us for having other gods before you and for not letting Your Word abide in each of us at all times. Please Lord, create in us a clean heart and set us free from anything that is not of You. We are sorry for our wrong doings and forgive us where we broke your heart. Lord, we come to repent of all our sins and ask You to cleanse each of us of all unrighteousness in the Name of Jesus we pray. Father God, we are thankful that our sins have been cleansed through the precious Blood of Christ Jesus.

In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,



Prayer Power

Lord, we thank You for Your healing power on our behalf. Thank You for sending forth Your Word to heal us. You paid the price on the cross to purchase healing for us. There is healing in Your Name, and we believe You are our healer. Help us Lord to stand strong in all we know of You. Help us in the situation we are facing now with this deadly virus and disease that has brought fear in the land.  Lift us out of any hopelessness, fear, doubt, or frustration.  Enable us to be firm in faith and always in Your Will.    Thank you for helping us to stand strong in the face of enemy opposition. We are grateful You have armed us with strength for the battle. So many times we would have lost heart, unless we believed your written Word that we would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Thank you that you will give what is needed for the crisis that we are in. Lord, we ask forgiveness of our sins we have committed by thought, word, or deed. Father God we thank You for never leaving us and though we walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive us. 

In Jesus Name we pray.  Amen.

“Lean on Me” A Prayer

 I love thee, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer, my God, my rock in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalms 18:1-2
During difficult times, we can hear God say: Lean on Me, for I care about you. Let my strength support you, My love carry you. I am here for you. For I AM the great I AM.
Lean on Me, and I’ll help you through any pain or sorrow. I’ll be your eyes when you feel you have to turn away. I’ll be your ears when you can’t bear to hear what has to be said. When your heart is broken into pieces I’ll be your heart and fill it with love, courage, and hope.
Lean on Me and trust in Me.
In the best of times, in the most challenging of times, for such a time as this, as you are faced with a deadly virus disease in the land, faced with hardships, division, and the interruptions in your daily livelihood.
I am your rock, your fortress, your everything.
My promises are true, I will never leave you nor forsake you. You can depend on Me for I am God.

Prayer for the Morning

Dear Lord, we will spend much of our time each new day with people. Some of them know You, but most do not. Please give us wisdom to say things that lead people closer to You. Give us words of help and hope for the broken. Give us words of tenderness for the fainting. Give us words of direction for the confused. Father God, we pray that whatever words we say each morning, they reflect Your will and be led by Your purposes by the Holy Spirit.

In Jesus name we pray.


Prayer for Strength

O God, give us strength to live daily in Your word. Let us not lose courage before difficulties or prove unfaithful in duties. Let us not lose faith in other people. Keep us sweet and sound of heart, in spite of ingratitude or meanness.

Keep us from minding little stings that hurt or wound us, or dwelling on them which will cause us to miss our blessings of each new day. Help us to keep our hearts clean, and to live so honestly and fearlessly that no outward failure can dishearten us or take away the joy of conscious integrity. Open wide the eyes of our souls that we may see good in all things. Grant us new vision of thy truth. Inspire us with the spirit of joy and gladness and make us the cup of strength for suffering souls.    In the strong name of our only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen

Prayer for 2020

Heavenly Father, we thank you for a new year. Like a new day, it is a gift from You. We look back and we see your many blessings showered upon us. We thank you for your grace and guiding hand throughout the past year. Each day is special with you. Thank you for showing up in our lives in a big and mighty way. Lord, you truly are our refuge and strength and a very present help. You always come through for us all. May we continue to seek your face and call upon you while you are near. May we continue to stay on the straight and narrow path that leads to righteousness. Thank you that you lead us not into temptation but deliver us from all evil. May we always put you first and we ask that you lead us and guide us along the way. May we be totally dependent upon You. Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
May we not be ignorant against Satan’s devices and recognize his schemes and deceptions. Keep us steadfast in our Christian walk and may we have an unshakeable faith in the Lord. Enable us to choose each day to fill our minds with the best, not the worst, the beautiful, not the ugly, things to praise, not things to complain about.
Help us not to entertain thoughts of unforgiveness against anyone or dwell on what has happened in the past. May your peace which surpasses all understanding, guard our hearts and minds through Jesus, our Lord.

In His name we pray.


Heavenly Father, You have given us the gift of another new day: a day to honor and glorify you, a day to do ministry work, and a day to share and be with our families. We see the beauty of the world around us, and we witness Your love to others. Open our eyes to see Your hand guiding us so we can do works that glorify you. If there is someone in need, grant us compassion. If there is someone hurting, give us grace to comfort and help. If there is someone who needs to know You better, give us the right words to say to lead that person closer to You. Thank you for going with us today.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


Prayer of Courage:

Lord, sometimes we are frightened by the uncertainty of this life. Give us courage to face each day in Your strength. Thank You for your promise to walk with us, to talk with us and to be our ever-present help. Thank You for forgiving us when we sin and fall short of your glory. May we keep our eyes upon You.

Teach us to pray in confidence, surrendering all things to Your hands and gracious will.

In the Spirit of Prayer,


Thank You, Heavenly Father for how great thou art. We pray to ever rejoice in You and to be thankful for every good gift coming to us in Your fatherly love for us as Your children. Even in adversity, we pray to be thankful that we are not alone, as Your love sustains us and leads us into Your blessings stored up for us in Christ Jesus. 

In the strong name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for the Unemployed

Father, many are struggling due to a lack of employment or the income needed to meet their current obligations. As they struggle, give them Your assurance of Your care and love for them. Through prayer, may they grow less in worry and more in their trust in You. Guide them to a place of employment that brings them sufficient daily bread and joy of service.

In Jesus name, Amen

For the month of October, we are focusing on prayer. 

The Prayer line is available Monday mornings at 6:00 a.m. and prayer begins at 6:15 a.m.

Call 712-832-8330  Access Code: 693-0532

A Prayer of Intercession

Romans 8:26 Also, the Spirit helps us with our weakness. We do not know how to pray as we should.  But the Spirit himself speaks to God for us, even begs God for us with deep feelings that words cannot explain. 

Loving God, we ask for the gift of your Holy Spirit to help us pray as we ought. We ask for the hope and comfort of your Spirit for those whose lives are overshadowed by illness or pain; for those whose lives are darkened by sorrow or bereavement. We ask for the peace and joy of your Spirit for those living in the shadow of war and violence; for those overwhelmed by guilt and anxiety and whose Christian lives have become hard and difficult. We seek you in the midst of it all knowing your very presence will grant what is needed to get us through it. We pray and ask for the love and courage of your spirit for those reaching out to comfort the distressed. For those reaching out to others with the Good News of Christ, help us, we pray.  

We ask for the assurance of your Spirit to know your presence with us in our daily lives, in our relationships, in our work and service, in our worship, in our fasting and praying, and in our times of joy and pain knowing that you will always come through for us.

In Jesus’ name we pray.


Prayer for the Sick

Almighty and everlasting Lord, we come before you in great need of your mercy, grace, and healing power upon all those that are faced with sickness and sorrowing among us. You are the source and strength of their recovery. We surrender their healthcare into your loving and healing hands. It is through you that we all live and move and have our bearings. As they live under your life-giving grace, we ask that you touch them with your miracle-working power and mend all that is broken. Root out every sickness and disease of the mind, body and soul and grant complete healing according to Your will.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we pray,


Prayer Power

Lord, we pray You would help us to stand strong in all we know of You. Teach us to stand on Your word, no matter what is happening in our lives. Enable us to stand away from sin and evil, and be strong in obedience to Your ways.  We acknowledge that we are weak, but we rejoice that You are strong in us, especially during times of trials and difficulties. Help us to learn what we need to know from each challenge we face. Help us in the situations that we are facing now. Lift us out of any hopelessness, fear, doubt, or frustrations and help us to be firm in faith and always in Your will. Thank you for helping us stand strong in the face of opposition and arming us with the strength for the battle. 

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

A Lenten Prayer

Lord, Let everything we do this day and in this season of Lent come from you, and be inspired by you. We long to be closer to you. Help us to remember that nothing is important in our lives unless it glorifies You in some way. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day of our lives and keep saying “Tomorrow, I will spend time in prayer” but now our longings meets your love and wants to do so now. Help us to totally rely on you for help. Heal us, Lord, and help us to find You in the darkness of our lives. Let us reach out in this darkness and feel your hand and love there to guide us. In this Lenten season, may we confess our sin, be clothed in Christ’s righteousness and know the victory in Christ crucified for us. In the Saving Name of Jesus.

Bask In The Love of God 

I Corinthians 13:13 

God is love and He loves us unconditionally

Prayer of Love

Father God, we thank You that You are the God of love. Thank you for loving us even before we knew You. Thank you for sending Your Son, Jesus, to die for us and take on Himself all we deserve.   Thank You, Jesus that You have given us life with You forever, and a better life now. Your love heals us and makes us whole. You are our Lord, and our goodness is nothing apart from You. Enable us to open up to Your love working in our lives as never before. Wash over us with Your love today. Fill our hearts with Your love in greater measure so we can be the whole person You created us to be.
How grateful we are that nothing can separate us from Your love, no matter where we go or what we do, not even our own failings can separate us from Your love. Perfect Your love in us by helping us to love others the way You love them.  

In the name of Jesus who knows us the best and love us the most,


Prayer of Encouragement

God, help us to speak words that lift up and do not tear down, words that compliment instead of criticize, words that speak unconditional love, and words that instill confidence and not uneasiness. Help us to have such faith in Your control in our lives that we can “do all things” without complaining and disputing. Where we have said words that are negative about ourselves or anyone else, forgive us right now in the name of Jesus. Fill us afresh with Your Holy Spirit and pour into our hearts Your love, peace, and joy. Keep us from saying wrong words that may hurt someone or diminish them in any way. Please help us Lord not to be careless in this regard. Teach us always to speak words that are supported by Your truth and glorify You.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer. 

In Jesus’ name we pray,


Family Prayer
Father in heaven, we thank You for the gift of a family and for all the relationships and friendships You have given us in life. Bless husbands and fathers, that they may lead their families selflessly and sacrificially, as You have created them to do. Bless wives and mothers, that they may honor their husbands and serve their families in love, and grant Your peace and patience. Bless parents as they bring up their children in the fear and instruction of the Lord by being an example of Christ.
Bless children, that they may respect and honor their parents and order their steps daily. Bless our homes, that they may be dwellings where Your name is ever blessed and hallowed. Fill each with love, joy, peace, and understanding and most of all prayer.  
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
Scripture Focus: As for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all Your deeds.  Psalm 73:28
New Year’s Day Prayer
Father God, thank You for granting us the beginning of a brand new year.  Help us to begin anew, comforted by Your Word, trusting in Your constant mercy, grace, calm and peace. May we depend entirely on You. In You may we put all our hope and expectations. No matter what happens, may we hope continually and praise You yet more and more.  Heavenly Father, it is wonderful that You have promised to be with us, to strengthen us and to help us, to hold us tight and to save us. We come to lay claim to that promise. May we commit to seeking Your advice every day of the year that lies ahead rather than following our own desires. Please lead us daily by your spirit and may we be obedient to the leading. When You lead we will be led in the right direction. Lord, in the times when we are faced with the storms of life that will rage, thank You for the privilege of being able to laugh in the storm because You are in the boat of life and we can be certain that with You by our side we are completely safe at all times.
In the Strong Name of Jesus we pray. 

Prayer of Thankfulness

Thank You, Heavenly Father. We pray to ever rejoice in You and to be thankful for you being God and God all by yourself. In You Lord, every good and perfect gift comes from up above and you give generously to all. Even in adversity, we pray to be thankful that we are not alone, as Your love sustains us and leads us into Your blessings stored up for us in Christ Jesus. In His name we pray. Amen.

Prayer of AdventThe Coming of Jesus Christ

O come, Emmanuel, Jesus, our Lord. Be our constant source of hope and help us spiritually to prepare ourselves for the celebration of Your birthday. As this Advent marks a new church year, we humbly pray for those around the globe who are hostile to Christianity, who do not know You yet as Savior and Lord, or who have strayed from faith in you. Shine the light of Your love into their hearts, as well as ours. During this Advent season, may Your Holy Spirit empower us to focus on the true reason for the season—your coming into this world at Bethlehem to save us from our sins. May our thoughts, words, and life focus on Your birth and its meaning for our daily life. By Your Word, grace us all with Your presence. In the name of Jesus, Lord of lords and King of kings.


Prayer of Christmas Eve

In Your love, Heavenly Father, the Savior of our fallen race has come. With believers throughout the world, this night of nights we sing loud hymns of praise that You sent Jesus Christ to come to bear our sins and to be our Savior. Melt away any harshness in our hearts we hold toward others. We thank You for giving us another opportunity to celebrate Your coming into the world to rescue us from our sins and giving us the certain hope of eternal life with You in heaven. In simple purity of faith, may we embrace the newborn King Jesus in whose name we pray. 


Prayer of Christmas Morning – II Corinthian 9:16JOY TO THE WORLD

O Lord God, we come to rejoice this Christmas morning for unto us the Savior of the world has been born. What joy we have as we give glory to You, Father God, for sending us a Savior! We praise You Father for the good news the angel announced to the shepherds at Bethlehem: Unto us is born, this day in the city of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord. Let us give thanks to God for the gift of His Son to us. The bread of life has been sent down from heaven. The greatest of all is an unspeakable gift, Jesus the precious Lamb of God. 


A Morning Prayer

Father of all goodness, Thank You for bringing us to a brand new day. Bless the course You have set for us for the week and in our lives, and strengthen us to run it with perseverance, that we may not lose heart. Help us to begin the day with Your name on our lips and heart, endeavoring to diligently serve those we meet that are in need as You would. Protect us from harm of body and soul and thank You for watching over our loved ones from oldest to the youngest, and turning us away from evil by our own choices and those of others. Grant us Your Spirit, that we may graciously work for Your good and the good of all Your people.

In the name of Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.  


Prayer For Ministry Leaders

Ephesians 6:7

Loving Father we thank You for our church ministry leaders You have appointed. I pray for their passion, for their conviction, and dedication to their calling and to Jesus Christ. Thank You for equipping them for the work of ministry. Give each one Godly wisdom day by day as they serve in their designated ministry work. Keep them from becoming weary of well-doing or discouraged in their various duties, and may each one be kept from trying to accomplish tasks in their own strength and wisdom. Instead, let each one learn to rest in Your love and to be open to Your voice.

I pray for rest spiritually and physically, and that they may know that it is not their ministry they are leading, but God’s. I pray that all will finish better than they started.

We pray that they would keep You as the focus of their life and that they may surrender to You in thought, word, and deed.

Thank you Lord for their servant hearts and caring spirits for the whole body of Christ and may each one continue to grow in grace and show forth in their Christian walk as they love, serve, reach, teach and pray.   

In the strong name of Jesus we pray.


Prayer of Thanksgiving

O Give Thanks Unto the Lord For He Is Good:  Psalms 136:1

Most Gracious and Loving Father, We give thanks to You with a grateful and thankful heart.  Thanks for loving us so much that You look way beyond our faults and you supply every one of our needs. Thank you that every good and perfect gift comes from up above and that  You allow so many blessings to come our way. Father God, we have so much to thank You-for things, seen and unseen. Forgive us for the times we have complained and grumbled with much. May we come before You desiring to give thanks. May we remember those who are less fortunate than us; the poor and the needy. So Father we praise You and we bless your Holy Name for all things. We give thanks for food, clothing, shelter, health, strength, grace, forgiveness, peace, joy, and for loving us unconditionally and never failing us.  

In Jesus Name.


Prayer for the Sick

Almighty God, Your Son, Jesus healed the sick through His touch, Word, and prayer. Keep close to Your heart those of Your children who are afflicted with illness. Grant them healing from their condition.  Strengthen their families and caregivers so that their presence provides comfort in their lowest and darkest hours and your light will shine through them. In the Strong Name of Jesus.  


The theme this year for the Prayer Conference is “Prayer Power”. There is power in prayer. May you be encouraged to attend the Prayer Conference, but most all make prayer a priority in your life with you and your family. Pray without ceasing.

When you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.  

Matthew 6:6

Prayer Power

Lord, we pray You would help us to stand strong in all we know of You. Teach us to stand on Your Word, no matter what is happening in our lives. Enable us to stand away from sin and evil and be strong in obedience to Your ways.  We acknowledge that we are weak, but we rejoice that You are strong in us especially during times of trials and difficulties. Help us to learn what we need to know from each challenge we face. Lead us on the path You have for each one of us and may we not want to take a single step without You. Help us in the situation we are facing now. Lift us out of any hopelessness, fear, doubt, or frustration. Enable us to be firm in faith and always in Your will. Thank You Lord that your Word reminds us that though we walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive us and we are grateful that You have armed us with strength for the battle. Help us to become so strong in You that we can stand without wavering, no matter what happens.  In the name of Jesus we pray.


Prayer of Love

Heavenly Father we praise You for Your love that liberates us and make us whole. Pour Your love into us so that it overflows to others and glorifies You in the process. Thank You for Your greatest act of love—sending Your Son to die for us. We praise You Jesus, our Lord and Redeemer, that You have saved us and given us a foundation that is unshakable.  Lord your word tells us that hope does not disappoint, because the love of God is shed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit which is given unto us. Thank you Father God that you are a God of power and might and You hold us and assure us that You have us in Your hands and will never let go and Your love is everlasting. In the name of Jesus, who knows us the best and loves us the most.  


Church Anniversary Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for allowing us to celebrate this 58thChurch Anniversary. We thank You that we are all One in Christ and we pray that as members of Your body, Your Holy Spirit would knit us together in the bond of unity and love. Lord, You have promised that You are the One that would build Your Church and thanks for continuing to equip us all with the talents and gifts that are used to bring praise and glory to You. Help us to be willing to carry the mission of the Gospel to those who are lost and in need. Bless the preaching of Your Word and the administration of the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism. Strengthen our pastors in their duties, the leaders of the church ministries, and bring all believers closer to You through the work of the church here at the Higher Way Jones Memorial Church. May this church be used for such a time as this to be a beacon of light to a world that is cold, dark, and careless. We thank you for the souls that got saved and the souls yet to be saved.   

We ask for your help to continue to guide us and direct us as we follow Jesus and do what Jesus did–Love, Serve, Reach, Teach and Pray. 

In His Name we pray,


Prayer of Healing

Dear God, 

We confess our need for you and your healing today. We need to be reminded that you work on our behalf and you grant mercy and grace. We come to you and bring you the places where we are hurting, where sickness has invaded, where depression has set in so deep, the burdens heavy and the baggage of unforgiveness we are still holding. We ask for your healing and grace to cover every broken place, every wound, and every heartache. Thank you that you are able to do far more than we could ever imagine. Thank you for your mighty power that acts on behalf of your children. Thank you, Lord, that we can depend on you. We reach out to You and we can trust in You knowing that You are restoring and redeeming every place of difficulty, every battle, for your greater glory. You will never waste our pain and suffering. You love us and You care for us. Thanks for surrounding us with your supernatural peace and strength and may we have faith to know that with You Lord all things are possible. In the healing name of Jesus. Amen

Back to School Prayers

Pray for Our Schools

Heavenly Father, we come to thank you
for the institution of schools. We lift to You all
schools, teachers, students, principals and all assigned
positions to work in the schools.  We pray that You
bless each place of learning–from daycares and  preschools to universities. 

Bless the school grounds. Keep them safe and proctected from the evil
one. May each classroom be filled with Your spirit and
let there be a time of learning with excitement and joy.

In Jesus Name we pray.  Amen

Pray for the Teachers

Gracious God we thank You and praise
You for the gift of teaching.  Bless all teachers as
they begin a new school year.  Fill them with
enthusiasm for their work and patience through their busy days.
May they be able to have complete order in the
classrooms so students will be able to focus. Give their students a desire to learn.

Watch over all teachers who care for all God’s children and at the end of each school
day may there be peace.  Each experience and assignment
given will bring new insight in learning. 

This we prayin Jesus Name.

Prayer for our Students

Heavenly Father, we ask in the name of
Jesus for You to cover every student in the schools, protect
them all who may have to ride the school bus and the little
ones that fill the playgrounds. Bless the students
who are just now beginning a new school year give them the
courage and peace that they need when their parents drop
them off. Help all students to be attentive and
confident, eager to learn all that is presented to
them. We pray they will use their knowledge for
Your glory and for the benefit of others. May love abide with them all.
In the Precious Name of Jesus we pray. 


A Prayer For Our Nation On July 4th
God of all nations, we give you thanks for our land. Bless our governments to follow in Your ways, that our nation might honor and glorify You in the smallest issues to the largest diplomatic affairs. May we as citizens therefore love our neighbors as  ourselves, and may we reflect how You have loved us and all in this world. Christ have mercy upon us and grant us your peace. 
In the name above all names, Jesus the Christ. 
A Prayer For Mission Month At Jones Memorial UMC
Gracious God, in union with ours brothers and sister here at The Higher Way Church, we pray for your blessing upon our missions this month, and all ministries going out to witness, to serve, and to care in doing kingdom work.  Grace us with a spirit of reverence for the individuals and communities we serve with a heart of compassion and love.
May the vision of the pastor and the mission of the church, “We Follow Jesus And Do What Jesus Did—Love, Serve Reach, Teach and Pray” come alive in us in every interaction we have. May it be with purpose so that it will bless others and bring glory and honor to You, Almighty God. 
In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.
A Prayer to Witness
Lord Jesus, we declare ourselves willing to be Your witnesses. Thank You for equipping us through Your Holy Spirit and making us powerful witnesses. Please give us the boldness to carry Your message to the farthest parts of the world so we can be a light for the nation. May we make the most of every opportunity to present Your message of salvation to others and live in such a way that our faith will be clearly visible through our actions, so that all those who look at us will know that we belong to You. We praise You and bless You as always. 
In the name of Jesus,  Amen.

Father’s Day Prayer

Blessed be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, father of mercy, father of love. Thank You for our earthly fathers, who gave us life and helped steady us on the path of life. We thank You for their love, patience, and kindness.  Embrace those who do not know their earthly fathers and assure them that they are members of the beautiful family of faith. We thank you for adopting us as Your children in Jesus Christ.  Thank you Lord that You will never leave us nor forsake us and we are grateful to have You as our Heavenly Father. Help us to always honor our fathers whether they are with us or with You.

In the strong name of Jesus we pray. 


A Special Prayer for Graduates

Holy Father, our guide and protector, we thank You for students who are graduating. Thank You for directing their studies with wisdom and excellence. Bring to their remembrance Your love in Christ and Your purpose for each and every one of them. May they be reminded of the promise in Jeremiah 29:11; For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Father God may they seek you daily in prayer and may they all have a closer walk with thee. Order their steps, their thoughts, and keep a hedge of protection around them where ever they go.

In the name of Jesus, we pray.


Prayer for Peace

Most gracious and loving Father we pray for peace today in the land.  Calm the storms around us; bring peace to our troubled world and into our anxious hearts. Remind us that You are the shelter in the storm, the refuge for the weary.  You said in John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you;  My peace I give to you not as the world gives.” We thank you Lord that your peace is perfect. Grant us this day the peace that passes all understanding and guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. 


Submitted by Sister Joyce Moore

Director of Prayer


Dear Heavenly Father,
We pray that You will give us a heart for those in need and hands that will offer them help so that we will be merciful as You are merciful. We pray that You will pour the unconditional love of Jesus Christ into our hearts.
In Jesus Name.
At 12:00 noon today, please take a moment to pause and reflect on the recent event that impacted the community of Santa Fe, Texas. It is not only them, but all the tragic situations we have faced with violence in our schools, communities, and all around the world. May there be peace in our schools during these final weeks of class.
Often we speak about love as if it were a feeling. But if we wait for a feeling of love before loving someone, we may never learn to love well. The feeling of love is beautiful and life-giving, but our lovingness cannot be based on that feeling.
To love is to think, speak, and act because we are infinitely loved by God and called to make that love visible in this world. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. John 3:16.
Mostly we know what the loving thing to do is. When we “do” love, even if others don’t respond with love, we will discover that our feelings catch up with our acts. The Bible says, “And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love”. 1 Corinthians 13:13.
Prayer of Pentecost
Holy Spirit, You appeared visibly on the Day of Pentecost to proclaim the Gospel in many languages. Be with all who proclaim the Good News around the world, that their message may be clearly heard.  Help all Christians to share the truth about Jesus with all those around us.  Continue to create faith and gather Your Church, strengthening that faith through the Word and Sacrament until life everlasting.  Lord, look upon this church, The  Higher Way Jones Memorial United Methodist Church, and use us in these evil days to draw others to you and bless the Kingdom work to produce a good fruit that you have assigned us as the Body of Christ.  In the name of the one whose body was given for us and the shedding of His blood that made the difference. 
In His Name we pray,
Mother’s Day Prayer
Father God, we thank you for the gift of mothers. Bless all mothers and help them to raise their children to trust You. Be with those mothers who journey alone; provide for them an extra measure of Your grace. Comfort those mothers who have had to say good-bye to their children and those who long to be mothers.
Protect all expectant mothers and thank you for those aunts, sisters, grandmothers, who stepped in and cared for  those children abandoned, abused, rejected, and  poured into them real motherly love. Help us to honor our mothers, whether they are with us or with You.  In the name of Jesus who cares and loves us all.

Prayer of the Morning

Thank You, Father God, for waking us up this morning and allowing us to see this new day. Thank You for each and every breath we take, because it is a gift from You. You are the author of our life and the source of our strength. Put Your Holy Word into our hearts this morning. Hear our prayers. Open our eyes to see those in need, our ears to hear the cries for help, and our hands to do Your will.  Steady our feet and keep us focused on You and Your will.  Help us to not lean to our own understanding, but in everything to acknowledge You so that You can direct our words, thoughts, and actions.  Humbly we pray and ask.  In the name of Jesus of Nazareth we pray.
Memorial Day Prayer
Dear Father, we thank You for the gift of good government.  Be with all who govern, that they may do so wisely.  Be with all those who protect us, that they may carry out their tasks diligently and without bias.  Thank You for those who haven given their lives for our protection, and protect and comfort their families. Help each one of us to carry out our responsibilities as good citizens.   In the Strong Name of Jesus we pray.

Faithful and loving God, how good it is to greet this day that you have made and rejoice in it.  Your Word is a lamp to our feet and a light unto our path.  You are our strong fortress, our rock, and our refuge. Fill our hearts this morning with your Holy Spirit that we might meditate on your Word and your promises all day. Thank you for your amazing grace, your steadfast love, and your promised forgiveness.  Help us to look for those in need and respond with your love. Remind us by the power of the Holy Spirit to train our minds to focus on those things that are true, honorable, pure, lovely, commendable, and worthy of praise.  Help us to keep our eyes on Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  

Prayer of Palm SundayResurrection Message:
Hope and Transformation
Scripture  Luke 24:1-8

But at daybreak on the first  day of the week the women took the spices they had pepared and went to the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.
While they were puzzling over this, behold, two men in dazzling garments appeared to them. They were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground.  They said to them, Why do you seek the living among the dead?  He is not here, but he has been raised.  Remember what he said to you while he was still in Galilee, that the Son of Man must be handed over to sinners and be crucified, and rise on the third day. And they remembered his words.

The Ressurection story confronts us with the theme of awakening, transformation, hope and rebirth and trust.

The question,  “Why doe you seek the living one among the dead?” challenges us to be open to possibility to profound and unexpected change.

Sometimes the change we experience is deliberately sought, coming gradually as simply a matter of due course.  Sometimes it’s not, and we find it suddenly forced directly upon us. However,  all change can be a powerful force for growth and transformation.  The key seems to be how best to receive it and respond.

The challenging question remain for us to respond to “Why do you seek the living among the dead?’.   Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not dead.  He is Risen!

Resurrection Prayer:

Lord Jesus, we know You came to seek and save the lost. Thank you that You saw our lost condition and have saved us for yourself and your purposes. Thank you that because you died for us, we have eternal life and your blood cleanses us from all sin.  Now we can live free of quilt and condemnation.  I believe there is no other name under heaven by which we could ever be saved.  Thank you that we have access to a life of hope, healing, power, love, freedom, fulfillment, transformation and purpose.  Help us to understand all that you accomplished on the cross, you did just for us and you did it while we were yet sinners. We praise you and bless you for your unfailing love toward us.  In the name of Jesus the Ressurected One.  AMEN.

Heavenly Father, Your Son Jesus declared that if the disciples would not praise Him, the rocks would cry out.  By the power of your Holy Spirit, open our lips, loosen our tongues, and turn our stony hearts to faith, that we may join the exultation.  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest! We  pray in the name of Jesus, who shall come again. 

This prayer comes from the General Church as the United Methodist Church seeks a way forward that  allows us to be faithful to the Word of God.

Prayer: A Prayer for Unity in the Body of Christ Holy
God, we thank You for Your tender mercies and loving-kindness. Thank You for calling the Body of Christ around the world to pray and unite. Thank You for increasing Your presence, power, anointing and abundance throughout the world. 

You are great and do wondrous things. You alone are God. Let Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven for the Body of Christ.  Lord, as Your people, we humble ourselves, pray and seek Your face today. We believe that as we turn from our wicked ways, You will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our landscape.
We will be humble, gentle and patient with each other; making allowance for each other’s faults in love. We will be kind to one another, tenderhearted and forgiving, even as You, Lord, have forgiven us in Christ. 

Holy Spirit, help us to live out the Word we just prayed to You. Remove the obstacles that hinder the formation of peaceful and loving relationships between our churches. Forgiving Lord, forgive us, the Body of Christ, for our many sins. Forgive our churches for being at times self-centered and self-absorbed. 
Forgive us when we have had a form of Godliness but denied Your power. Forgive us for not always being Kingdom-minded. Holy Spirit, remind us all of those we need to forgive and help us to be quick to forgive.

Holy Spirit, help us as the Body of Christ not to yield to temptation but deliver us from the evil one. 

Lord, You are Holy. Just and true are Your ways.  Who can be compared to You?  Who is Your equal? Yours is the Kingdom, power and glory forever. 

In Jesus’ Name,


Scripture References for the Written Text:  Psalm 86:8-10, Matthew 6:10, II Chronicles 7:14, Ephesians 4:2-3, Ephesians 4:32, Revelation 15:3, Isaiah 40:25, Matthew 6:13© Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright 1996, 2004.  Used by permission of Tyndale House
Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189.  All rights reserved.   ©2017

Morning March Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus, the morning light has broken, a new day has arisen. You watched over us through the night, keeping us safe. Make us mindful of speaking about Your truth, forgiveness, and eternal life to all we encounter: at home, school, or work and with family, friends, or neighbors.
Please guard our hearts, tongues, and minds so all that we say and do glorify You. Grant us spiritual, mental, and physical strength to face the day, and help us not to lean to our own understanding, but in everything to acknowledge You so that You can direct our words, thoughts, and actions. In your name Jesus we pray.

Prayer of Lent 

Dear Lord, during the days of Lent, cleanse our hearts through repentance and keep us close to You in prayer. Use this time to prepare us for the joy of Your resurrection and the sure knowledge of everlasting life with You through the salvation bought for us on the cross with Your holy, innocent, precious blood. Strengthen our faith. Through Your grace You have bestowed full pardon and forgiveness upon us.  Grant us your peace. In the strong name of Jesus we pray. 


Prayer of Ash Wednesday 

Gracious God, this day of Ash Wednesday begins a period of inner reflection and examination.  Strengthen us during this time of fasting and praying so we may draw nearer to You and our relationship will be made anew. Open our souls to your presence, let your lovingkindness flow over us and seep deep into the pockets of our hearts and change us to be who You want us to be.   We ask this for the sake of Jesus who first loved us. In His name we pray. 


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your deep abiding love towards us. Thank you for sending Your only begotten Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, to suffer on the cross for our sake so that our sins could be forgiven and that we may live with You forever. Lord, I know that we do not deserve Your love and yet You have showered unconditional love and grace to us through Christ for which we praise and thank You.

Help us to demonstrate Your love not just to those who are lovable, but also to those who lash out at us through anger or pain, disappointment or loss. May the love of Jesus be manifested in us and may the love of Jesus be distributed by grace through faith to all who we come in contact with. And they will know we are a christian by our love in Jesus Christ.

In Jesus name we pray. 


Prayer of Ash Wednesday 

Gracious God, this day of Ash Wednesday begins a period of inner reflection and examination.  Strengthen us during this time of fasting and praying so we may draw nearer to You and our relationship will be made anew. Open our souls to your presence, let your lovingkindness flow over us and seep deep into the pockets of our hearts and change us to be who You want us to be.   We ask this for the sake of Jesus who first loved us. In His name we pray. 


Prayer of Lent 

Dear Lord, during the days of Lent, cleanse our hearts through repentance and keep us close to You in prayer. Use this time to prepare us for the joy of Your resurrection and the sure knowledge of everlasting life with You through the salvation bought for us on the cross with Your holy, innocent, precious blood. Strengthen our faith. Through Your grace You have bestowed full pardon and forgiveness upon us.  Grant us your peace. In the strong name of Jesus we pray. 


A Prayer for the New Year

Heavenly Father,
This year may we draw closer to You every day. May we set aside more time to spend with You, and seek Your advice before we do anything. Thank you for the assurance that You will be with us every day of the new year.  We praise you because you have planned  a prosperous future for us and you have a special vision for our lives. Teach us to understand how important each day is.  Help us to use the time given to us to the best of our ability and take hold of every opportunity that comes our way for kingdom building. Thank you that our hope is anchored in You and may we keep the faith.   Father God, help us to leave the unnecessary baggage of the past behind and live this year with commitment and unity with each other as we spend our days in service of prayer, serving others, reaching out to others and the teaching of God’s word which will only bring You glory.  The sick will be healed, the lost saved, the bereaved comforted, hearts mended,  and peace in the land.   In the name of your darling son, Jesus Christ,


Unity of Church

Grant, O Lord, that as there is one Spirit, one Lord, one faith, and one hope of our calling, so thy Church being made one Body, may draw into unity by operation of the Holy Spirit , all christians may be so joined together in unity of spirit, and in the bond of peace.  Suffer us not to shrink from any endeavor, which is in accordance with they will, for the peace and unity of thy Church. Give us boldness to seek only thy glory and the advancement of the kingdom.  Unite us all in thee as thou, O Father, with thy Son and the Holy Spirit world without end.
In the matchless name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen

Prayer for the Sick:

Heavenly Father, giver of life and health.  Comfort and relieve the sick and give your power of healing to those who minister to their needs, that those for whom our prayers are offered may be strengthened in their weakness and have confidence in your loving care through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Thanks for freeing us from sickness in body, mind, and spirit and bringing good out of the times when trouble comes.  In the name of Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. Amen.
Prayer of Thanksgiving:
Thank you, loving Father in heaven, for the amazing grace of this “Miracle Hour” with You.  Thank You for drawing us to prayer and giving us hunger and thirst for you.  Thank you for the joy of surrender, repentance and forgiveness. Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to teach, guide and counsel us. Thank You for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, and a release of the gifts of the Spirit today, and a release of the gifts of the Spirit. Thank you for sending people for ministry.
Thank You for giving us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.  Thank You for always causing us to triumph in Christ Jesus, and turning curses into blessings.  In You we are more than a conqueror.  Thank you for giving us the ability to think Your thoughts and walk steadfastly in Your ways.
Thank you for all the blessings of life, family, and friends and for all who have helped us along the way and for supplying all our needs in accordance with Your riches in glory.
Thanks for blessing us and we come in and go out.  In Jesus Name we pray.  Amen.

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